Celebrities Light: Dawn Yeoh

Last week Celebrities Light featuring Fiona Xie was a success, that entries itself is the numerous hits and it a entries that bring in people to Green Entertainment Cafe through google search engine.

The sudden leave of Fiona Xie may be a surprise or a expected happenings to some or many, this week, we have decided to feature Dawn Yeoh, the 7 Princess of Mediacorp who is at the moment, no one knows her action and well-being after the involvement of Daddy At Home.

Dawn Yeoh first appear in The Shining Star as the main lead of the drama, the drama talks about how dawn as a blind girl in the drama, the people revolving around her and the things happen in her life and how do she react. At the of 19, she became popular in just one night due to The Shining Star.

Her role in The Shining Star gains her a entry to Star Awards 2006 with the nomination of Most Popular Newcomer, however she lose the award to Kelvin Tan (Chen Weilian), whom is nominated in the same year.

Dawn apperance in Star Awards 2006 earned her the label of 7 Princesses alongside with Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Jesseca Liu, Felicia Chin, Rui En and Fiona Xie, the title still exist to them to date with the removal of Fiona Xie.

Dawn next appear in High Budget Production, The Peak, the show revolve around engineering, in the same drama, she paired with Qi Yuwu and Christopher Lee, in this drama, Dawn is playing the main lead, her role in this series was bigger than her “senior”, Jeanette Aw, whom often seen in first lead, however Jeanette although being the second lead manage to steal the attention of Dawn, at the same time, Dawn in this series was heavily criticise for her bad acting, high-pitching voice and lacks of chemistry with co-stars.

She next appeared in army-base high budget/blockbuster series, Honour and Passion, where she is seen being a smaller role that her appearance in the show is not more than half, she played Bryan Wong love interest with walking disability in this series.

In the whole of 2007, Dawn acting have been heavily criticise, compared to how likeable and popular she was when she acted in The Shining Star, in Star Awards 2007, Dawn was nominated for Top 20 Most Popular Female Artiste, in the same year, all the 7 Princesses gotten nominated, however being Dawn first year in nomination, she didn’t clinch the award and was out when the Top 16 was annouced.

In 2008, Dawn was heavily groom with many dramas, when I-Weekly released the shows for 2008, the promotion tactic they uses is similar to another 7 Princess, Joanne Peh. Whom have the same number of dramas in 2007, which Dawn has in 2008.

Dawn appeared in the first drama of 2008, Taste Of Love the drama is a food-theme drama, where it stars a few taiwan celebrities, the currently hot rising stars, Dai Yangtian is seen in the dramas with Dawn Yeoh as love interest. Although it touted as a idol drama, however viewership failed big time and it doesn’t appeal to many audience.

At the same time when Taste  Of Love is seen on TV, Channel 8 aired a co-production with NTV7, Beautiful Scent, which it film in 2007, Malaysia, where many Malaysia artiste is seen in the drama, alongside with MCS artiste, Pan Lingling and Zheng Geping, Beautiful Scent is a remake of 2005 Mediacorp drama, My Lucky Charm. In this series, Dawn is playing Jeanette Aw original character with heavy body odour. This series wasn’t well-received in Singapore based on the Malaysia accent from the Malaysia artiste and how this series spoilt the original, My Lucky Charm.

Dawn was later seen in a series with mostly younger generation group of actor/actress, namely Jeanette Aw, Christopher Lee, Jesseca Liu, Elvin Ng, Zzen Zhang, which form up as the main cast of the series, in this series, Dawn is seen playing a rebellious girls who wear revealing outfits all the time, her love-interest in this drama is Zzen Zhang, whom later tangle in a three-triangle relationship with Jesseca Liu. This drama was seen with 2 of the 7 Princess alongside with Dawn, namely Jeanette Aw and Jesseca Liu. Dawn acting in this drama was well-received, many commented that she have make improvement in it.

Later on, she is seen in 2008 volleyball theme drama, Beach Ball Babes with the cast of Christopher Lee, Jesseca Liu & Joanne Peh. This drama also stars another two princess, Joanne Peh and Jesseca Liu. In this series, Dawn love-interest is Christopher Lee. Although there isn’t much comments of Dawn acting in this series, this series is heavily criticise based on the storyline, plot, pairing and the rush ending seen in last episode.

She next appeared in a mystery drama, Crime Busters x2, alongside with MCS Ah-Ge Tay Pinghui, their pairing in this series was heavily criticise based on the huge age difference between them, this drama also seen as a copy of TVB drama, To Catch The Unbeatable based on the storyline.

In 2008, Dawn is seen in a total of 5 drama, 3 of them as the main/first lead, which include Taste Of Love, Beautiful Scent, Crime Busters x2. Whereas Beach Ball Babes and Rhythm Of Life is 2nd and 3rd lead respectively. All dawn characters was nominated for Vivo City 2009 Countdown Party, Top 8 Favourite Character, however none of the character won the voting award.

Dawn is later seen in 2009, engineer based series, The Dream Catcher, in this drama, Dawn is playing a rebellious girl who work hard for her dream, which is to be a dancer, her love-interest in this drama is Nat Ho. The chemistry of them make both side of fans like this pairing. This drama seen another 2 princess member namely Jesseca Liu and Rui En, as first and second lead respectively, where Dawn is seen playing a supporting role.

In the same year, Dawn is originally scheduled to be in 180 episodes long mega drama, Your Hand in Mine. However, her manager rejected for her the role, as she is preparing for her debut album.

Star Awards 2008 postpone to April 2009, the nomination list of Acting Awards annouced in Feb 2009 with Dawn zero entries to the nomination list, Popularity Awards annouced in Mar 2009 with Dawn entering the category of Top 20 Most Popular Female Artiste, however Dawn being 1 of the 2 princess didn’t make it to the award winning list, as she is seen being opted out in Top 16 again, as history repeated what happening in 2007.

Dawn later on what schedule to malaysia to film a 8TV co-production series, with the theme of food, the drama is not schedule to broadcast on Malaysia and Singapore yet.

Dawn later appeared in Channel 8 series, Daddy At Home, she is seen being the 3rd lead after Ann Kok and Cynthia Koh, in this series, she played a kindergarden teacher, whom is Adam Chen love interest.

At the same time when Daddy At Home debut, Dawn spread news by saying she wanted to leave her artiste management company, Future Stage Artiste. As she wanted a different environment and make MCS the official management.

In Nov 2009, I-Weekly wrote a article on newcomer, Kola Zhou hot-rising journey which makes her likely to kick out Dawn Yeoh from the 7 Princess position, as Dawn popularity doesn’t rise through the years as a actress.

Dawn is also one of the rare artistes, who have her own pictorial book released in 2006, beside leaving audience the impression of being a 7princess or playing roles in TV Serial. Dawn also participated in many shows/newspaper competition when she a teen. One of the memorable one being Singapore Next Top organised by back-then Mediaworks in 2004.

The comparation of Dawn between the rest of the princesses always bring down Dawn Yeoh, as she have the least popularity, experience among the rest, especially when comparation come between.

Earlier on 2010 Dramas List, Dawn is seen playing Jeanette Aw sister in Funeral and Wedding dramas, New Beginnings. However, Dawn role is being replaced by new unknown stars, Tracy Tan. Just what happen in between? Is Dawn planning to leave Mediacorp, just like Fiona Xie?

In short span of 3 years, Dawn is seen in a number of series, which one is your favourite? Which male artiste match well with Dawn Yeoh? Feel free to discuss.

The Celebrities Light for this week ended here, which celebrities do you wish to see next? 😉

Celebrities Light 1: Fiona Xie

Picture Source: Google Search Engine, I-Weekly, MediacorpTV etc


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