Fact Facts
Blog Name: Green Entertainment Cafe
Launch in: 1 December 2009

Address me as “Mr Green”,  the nick inspire from my favourite colour “Green” and to protect my identity yet to prevent my reader’s from confusing with my identity, so “Mr” prove that I am a male. 🙂

The History Of The Blog
Being a Mediacorp fan since I am young, I am really tempted to share things that I know and record down my thoughts and let the mass know it. I try doing it many times but left it abandon due to my plain lazyness.

Another reason is my pathetic english that others may not understand what I say (even now), I hope that by doing a blog like this, I could overcome my fear of writing and write even better as it go on be it my 10, 100 or 1000 entries.

All things found on Green Entertainment Cafe are written and done up by the owner of this blog, otherwise stated. Please credits this blog and the original source, if any parts of the materials is being re-produced.

Feel free to leave a comment, it would be a good platform for us to build common interests and exchange what we know.

What I know, What I feel, What I share, 3 slogon build up Green Entertainment Cafe!

Mr Green


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