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2010 Dramas Presentation


20…10… Did you manage to see the 2010 Vivo City Countdown Party Trailer? Do you plan to go down to celebrate the countdown with the Channel 8 stars or do you have any others plan of celebrating? 😉

Before we look forward to the next year, let see what we can expect from Mediacorp 2010 Chinese Dramas.

*Date are subject to changes by Mediacorp.*
*Drama title are subjected to changes any time.*
*No of episode are subjected to changes any time.*


Drama Title: Happy Family 过好年 ( Channel 8 )
Debuts/Airing Date&Time: 19 January 2010, Weekdays 9pm!
No. of Episode: 20 (Last episode slated to be CNY Day 2 currently)
Cast: Rui En, Ann Kok, Cynthia Koh, Ramus Kam, Darren Lim, Chen Shucheng, Chen Tianwen, Pan Lingling, Shaun Chen, Koh Yahhwee etc.
Producer: Paul Yuen Script Writer: Ng Kah Hwee

Personally, I have quite a few pointers of why this should be a worth watching dramas, as this dramas have strong veterans and the cast background/story are well-written. But the most important thing is still how the production team bring out the story and how it develop.

Why is it worth watching?

  • Rui En in a happy-go-lucky role since Love @ Zero Degree Celsius (2006) and a role different from her “cool” personality.
  • Riding from the success of 2009 CNY drama, Reunion Dinner, Happy Family is a yet another fresh CNY theme drama.
  • Cynthia Koh fat characters is one of the worth watching points, what more, she isn’t fat in real life and to attempt trying such roles.
  • How Pan Lingling sit in a wheel-chair in the show, when earlier imaging saw her being able to stand out.


Drama Title: Priceless Wonder 游戏人生 ( Channel 8 )
Debuts/Airing Date&Time: 16 February 2010, Weekdays 9pm!
No. of Episode: 20
Cast: Tiffany Leong, Zzen Zhang, Alan Tern, Priscelia Chan, Xiangyun, Jin Yinji, Nat Ho etc
Production: Matrix Vision

A new drama sponsored by NCPG on a anti-gambling drama, as IR is coming to Singapore. Hmm, is it alittle salah to aired this drama on Feb? Because CNY is still not over yet and talking about anti-gambling seem alittle weird though. And do anyone think that this show seem to be under-promoted? We didn’t heard any news of the show at all, how the imaging gone and everything. Well, perhaps this is a outsource drama that explain why is it?

Why is it worth watching?

  • Under-rated stars (Zzen, Alan, Priscelia) in lead role.
  • Xiangyun hairstyle, LOL (look at above picture).
  • Reality wife/husband pairing up in the show as wife/husband.


Drama Title: The Illusionist 魔幻视界 ( Channel U )
Debuts/Airing Date&Time: Coming in March 2010!
No. of Episode: 13
Cast: Thomas Ong, Quan Yifeng, Meixin, Jerry Yeo, Marcus Chin, Jeremy Chan, Sugie, Ann Kok etc
Production: WaWa Pictures

From the same team of people behind the successful Perfect Cut, the main cast, Thomas Ong remain unchange, this time round instead of seeing him as a Plastic Surgeon, we would be seeing him acting as a magician. Together with Singer/Actress, Meixin and Variety Queen, Quan Yifeng.

Why is it worth watching?

  • Quan Yifeng role is the drama is a TV Promotion and Branding Management, the role is touted as female version of MediacorpTV Promotion&Branding VP, Paul Chan.
  • The pairing/3 triangle relationship of Meixin, Thomas, Quan Yifeng.
  • Thomas Ong in a new show with different occupation. 😉


Drama Title: The Best Things in Life! 五福到 ( Channel 8 )
Debuts/Airing Date&Time: 16 March 2010, Weekdays at 9pm!
No. of Episode: 20
Cast: Chen Hanwei, Cynthia Koh, Tracy Lee, Koh Yah Hwee, Phyllis Quek, Zhang Yaodong, May Phua, Terrence Cao, Desmond Tan etc.
Producer: Winnie Wong Script Writer: Ang Engtee

This drama is mainly about Chen Hanwei character who live in the village decided to came over to the city to look for his dream lover called “Dream” played by Phyllis Quek, however she later found out that all his younger sisters faces different problems/crisis, as their brother, he decided to help them out.

Why is it worth watching?

  • Chen Hanwei get his front tooth remove for his kampong boy role.
  • Story written by Mediacorp award-winning script writer, Ang Engtee.
  • Chen Hanwei&Cynthia Koh transform from husband/wife in Daddy At Home to siblings in The Best Things in Life, let see how they walk out from the shadow.
  • Phyllis Quek 1st Channel 8 drame since 2007 Live Again.


Drama Title: New Beginnings 红白喜事 ( Channel 8 )
Debuts/Airing Date&Time: 14 April 2010, Weekdays at 9pm!
No. of Episode: 20
Cast: Jeanette Aw, Jesseca Liu, Elvin Ng, Tay Pinghui, Zhang Zhenhuan, Joshua Ang, Tracy Tan, Ng Hui, Lin Meijiao, Hong Huifang etc.
Production Team: (not confirm at the moment)

A drama that is hogged by the younger generation stars again as the main lead, to be honest, this drama is the least appeal to me.

Firstly, the cast is totally similar from 2008, Rhythm Of Life and 2009, The Dream Catchers. Just that with a few addition and replacement seen.

Plus, I have never felt confident with dramas that is hogged by younger generation of stars, just like the 2 dramas I mention above, it doesn’t do very well. No offence though. I hope this drama could prove me wrong, I will still be watching it and give my review for Jesseca, as I feel that she have make improvement since her last role in Baby Bonus.

However, I have to admit that the theme of Wedding&Funeral in this drama is a better theme and concept than engineers in The Dream Catchers and wishing well in Rhythm Of Life. However, the theme of Wedding&Funeral reminds me of a 80’s drama, I couldn’t recall what the name of the show. I remember there one scene where there is a Wedding Dinner going on in a void-deck, at the same time, there is a funeral going on in the same void-deck too.

Neverless, I still have my reasons/comments of why it worth watching.

  • Jesseca and Tay Pinghui pairing again.
  • Elvin Ng and Jeanette Aw pairing again.
  • The concept of Wedding&Funeral.


Drama Title: I’m With You 我在你左右 ( Channel 8 )
Debuts/Airing Date&Time: May 2010, Weekdays at 9pm!
No. of Episode: 20
Cast: Rui En, Chen Hanwei, Adrain Pang (more cast to be annouce at later date)
Production Team: (not confirm at the moment)

A new supernatural drama that highlight on the seventh month, ghost. The last time Mediacorp have such drama is in 2005, Zero To Hero. Starring Chen Liping and Edmund Chen, the drama later become the most-watched in 2005.

This time round, the story would be different from Zero To Hero, you may wish to read Zero To Hero storyline here first.

In this series (source from Issue 633 I-Weekly), Chen Hanwei played Rui En husband, later on Chen Hanwei character pass away, leaving Rui En alone with sadness incur on her, Rui En later pregnant with Chen Hanwei children.

Despite leaving the world, Chen Hanwei still couldn’t let go with Rui En and decided to stay around her, attempting to harm, Adrain Pang character, whom takes care of Rui En and the family. Both Adrain Pang and Rui En later on fall in love to each other.

Why is it worth watching?

  • Rui En personally commented that she like this role.
  • Rui En being the 2nd princess to play mother after Felicia Chin.
  • The Star Awards 3X Best Actor and Asian Television Award, Best Actor, Adrain Pang as the main lead.


So which one are you looking forward to? I actually thought of adding on with my ideal casts for 2nd half of 2010 dramas, however I thought I should leave that for my upcoming entries, where I shall say who is my ideal casts. 🙂

Picture Source: Google Search Engine/Facebook/Forum
Dramas Source/News Source: BaGuaTV and I-Weekly.


2010 Telemovies Presentation

2009 is coming to the end, whether it a good or bad year, we shall all look forward instead of looking back, if it a good one to you, let hope that 2010 would be a even better year, if it a bad one to you, well, take it as a bitter sweet experience you have in your life and avoid making the same mistakes. 😉

In the brand new year of 2010, not only we could expect dramas (that of course) but also telemovies. Can you remember when the last telemovies Channel 8 last have it? It almost a decade! Similar to most of the telemovies that Mediacorp used to produce, which is the appearance of Foreign Celebrities.

The last one is almost a decade, with the return of the telemovies, we get to see it on both chinese free-to-air tv station, Channel 8 and Channel U.

Today, I shall cover with you some of the 2010 telemovies that has been released, do stay tune to my next post of 2010 dramas presentation.

This post and the upcoming posts on Drama Presentation is inspired by HK TV Station, TVB. Where they would have a Sales Presentation, where they would released clips and description of dramas that audience could expect in the upcoming years. Fret not that Channel 8 doesn’t have one, Green Entertainment Cafe will cover it with the description through BaGuaTV and various medias/magazines. 😉

In case, if you are not sure what telemovie is all about, click here.

*Telemovies are being arrange according to date to debut.*
*Dates may be subjected to changes*


Telemovie: 一切从遗嘱开始 (english title not release yet)
Broadcast on: Channel U
Debut Date/Airing Date & Time: 20 December, Sunday, 9.30pm!
No. of Episode: 1
Cast: Ah Bu, Pan Guosheng, Lin Yuxuan, Michelle Chong, Ben Yeo, Rebecca Lim, Richard Low etc.
Production: Pics Talk

This telemovie consist of Local and Taiwan artiste respectively, I am not very familiar with those taiwan celebrities and have not read about the storyline yet, to be fair, I shall not comment much about it. 🙂


Telemovie: 向日葵的约定 (english title not release yet)
Broadcast on: Channel U
Debut/Airing Date & Time: 27 December, Sunday, 9.30pm!
No. of Episode: 1
Cast: Lawrence Wong, Chen Shaoying, Lin Meijiao, Zhang Wenxiang etc.
Production: ThreeSixZeroDegree

Compared to others telemovies, the castings of this show is all local celebrities consisting of veterans and newbies. Is it worth? Hmm, let give the show a chance? 😉


Telemovie: Cooking Without Clothes 煮持人
Broadcast on: Channel U
Debut/Airing Date & Time: 1 Jan 2010, Sunday, 9pm!
No. of Episode: 1
Cast: Joseph Chang (Taiwan), Ann Kok (Local)
Production: Ochres Picture

Compared to others telemovie, this one is one of which that I am looking forward to, as the storyline is rather appealing to me. In this drama, Joseph Chang character will play a guy pursuing his dream to be a chef. Ann Kok will play a TV Producer and 100% 败犬, in this show, we would get to see them in alot of bed scene and as a 姐弟恋 couple.


Telemovie: Channel 8 CNY Telemovie 8频道金装电视电影系列
Broadcast on: Channel 8
Debut/Airing Date & Time: 17 Jan 2010, Sunday, 8pm!
No. of Episode: 5 (10 hours long telemovies, each episode 2 hours)
Main Cast: Joanne Peh, Dai Yangtian, Pornsak, Mark Lee
Producer: 王尤红 Script Writer: 黄佳华、林锦兰

The name of the telemovie is as above, however with different stories/guest star each episode, each episode will have a specific name/title.

Compared to others telemovies, this one is 5 episodes long with different guest star every week, the story get started with the 4 main cast namely Joanne Peh, Dai Yangtian, Pornsak, Mark Lee working in a bodyguard company, as times grew by, Pornsak character fall in love with Joanne Peh character, however Joanne Peh character is more interested with Dai Yangtian character. With guest star appearance, the drama add spice every episode with all the happenings in the telemovie.

The theme of each episodes include brotherhood, friendship, love and kinship. Let us look at the guest star of each episode.

Episode 1: 以爱为名
Cast: Zoe Tay, Rayson Tan, Zhangwei, Zhu Xiufeng

Why is it worth watching?

  • Zoe Tay first drama after The Ultimatum
  • It may surpringly be Zoe Tay last show if she don’t plan to renew her contract next year.
  • The reunion of Zoe Tay & Rayson Tan pairing since A Different Life.

Episode 2: 爱.怎么说
Cast: Qi Yuwu, Jessica Tan, Apple Hong, Jeffrey Wong

Why is it worth watching?

  • Dai Yangtian VS Qi Yuwu (finally)

Episode 3: 如影随形
Cast: Shaun Chen, Ben Yeo

Why is it worth watching?

  • I personally have no comments about why is it a must watch but it Episode 3 right? So the stories of the main character and guest star appearance might be worth watching? 😉

Episode 4: 重爱
Cast: Li Wenhai, Lin Meijiao, Brandon Wong & more stars.

Why is it worth watching?

  • The reunion of veterans stars pitching against the younger lead stars.

Episode 5: (Title to be confirmed)
Cast: Zheng Geping & more stars coming up.

Why is it worth watching?

  • I have no comments with regard to this but it the last episode that wrap the whole show up, the climax would have come along and we would know the ending of whether Joanne choose Dai Yangtian or Pornsak. 🙂


Of all the 4 telemovies, which one do you personally look forward to? 🙂 With all the guest star in Channel 8 CNY telemovie, which guest star appearance do you look forward to? And why? Share with me. 😉

Picture Source: Facebook/Xin.Sg
Information Source: I-Weekly/BaGuaTV

Fiona Xie leaving showbiz, sad or rejoice?

I guess many of you would have know it by now, if you have read BaGuaTV or if you have purchase a copy of this week I-Weekly & 8 DAYS.

I have not exactly read the interview, so I shall keep my comment but I would still like to comment alittle, after flipping through the magazines.

Honestly, I enjoy seeing Fiona Xie on TV, be it dramas or variety, to me she is one of the celebrities that have the look and potential but her potential is being hidden most of the times. I am happy when I got to know that she is casted in 2009 Mega Blockbuster, Together. However when I got to know about Fiona rejecting the role and when I read more news regarding that. I truly felt that Fiona is not being responsible as a actress, whom reject roles without bother to explain and simply run away.

But after flipping through the magazines, I ought to respect her decision, afterall celebrities is still a human being, we wouldn’t like it even when someone make comment on us.

I respect Fiona decision and if this decision could make Fiona happy instead of making life miserable for her, I wish her all the best.

Simply grab both this week I-Weekly & 8 DAYS to read Fiona heart to heart interview, this is the last and final one, a great collection for fans with nice interviews and picture, selling at $2 each.

So Fiona leaving showbiz? Are you sad over it or you are rejoice? Or you simply like what she put up all these while? Share with me. 🙂

Image Source: I-Weekly, 8 DAYS
(Scanned by Green Entertainment Cafe)

PS: The 1st Celebrities Light on Wednesday will be featuring Fiona Xie, as to sum up her journey in the showbiz.