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New Beginnings: Lensing Ceremony

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Source: I-Weekly/8DAYS
Scanned by Green Entertainment Cafe


Fiona Xie leaving showbiz, sad or rejoice?

I guess many of you would have know it by now, if you have read BaGuaTV or if you have purchase a copy of this week I-Weekly & 8 DAYS.

I have not exactly read the interview, so I shall keep my comment but I would still like to comment alittle, after flipping through the magazines.

Honestly, I enjoy seeing Fiona Xie on TV, be it dramas or variety, to me she is one of the celebrities that have the look and potential but her potential is being hidden most of the times. I am happy when I got to know that she is casted in 2009 Mega Blockbuster, Together. However when I got to know about Fiona rejecting the role and when I read more news regarding that. I truly felt that Fiona is not being responsible as a actress, whom reject roles without bother to explain and simply run away.

But after flipping through the magazines, I ought to respect her decision, afterall celebrities is still a human being, we wouldn’t like it even when someone make comment on us.

I respect Fiona decision and if this decision could make Fiona happy instead of making life miserable for her, I wish her all the best.

Simply grab both this week I-Weekly & 8 DAYS to read Fiona heart to heart interview, this is the last and final one, a great collection for fans with nice interviews and picture, selling at $2 each.

So Fiona leaving showbiz? Are you sad over it or you are rejoice? Or you simply like what she put up all these while? Share with me. 🙂

Image Source: I-Weekly, 8 DAYS
(Scanned by Green Entertainment Cafe)

PS: The 1st Celebrities Light on Wednesday will be featuring Fiona Xie, as to sum up her journey in the showbiz.