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New Variety Show: Life Transformers 2 心晴大动员2!

The most watched variety show of 2008!
The Best Variety Program in Star Awards 2009!
The most saddening and touching variety show of 2008!
The Best Variety Show Host nominees of Star Awards 2009!

The show is finally back after a long wait! Time to get ready your tissue paper.

In the new season of the show, the host remain unchange, which is none other than Quan Yifeng and Christopher, the concept is still on helping the less unfortunate by cleaning their house, finding jobs for them and doing what they can, the host will bring a bunch of volunteers every single episode.

I have decided to make Life Transformers the first variety show that I am going to review after every single episode, hence you would be able to find 10 reviews of this show here.

Life is short, there are people who live happily everyday with the enjoyment they can give themselves, I admit I am one of them but don’t we always take things for granted and ask for more? On the other hand, there are people who worried about their meals every single day and thinking of how to find money at a short time, just to settle the important needs.

I strongly encourage everyone whom have not watch this show to WATCH it, those whom have watch it before, it definately worth watching.

Picture Source: I-Weekly
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